Restaurant Hood Cleaning

hood bef 2Commercial Hood Cleaning

Does your restaurant’s kitchen pass codes? Priority Janitorial serves the area of  Dade and Broward County with commercial hood cleaning services to ensure you meet and exceed all codes. Grease build-up in your restaurant, hotel, school, hospital or any other oven hood can lead to fires. Our team of professionals will clean your commercial hoods, filters, ducts and fans with powerful, safe biodegradable degreaser. Depend on us to get the job done fast and thoroughly!

 hood after 2Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning

At Priority Janitorial Restaurant Hood cleaning , we begin with an assessment of your exhaust system, cooking methods, and how often the hood is used. We inspect the hood, ductwork, fans and discharge areas. We guarantee a complete hood cleaning service from the hood to the fan: All filters, ducts, access panels, grease cups, grease trap, fire suppression sensors (fusible links), pipes and nozzles; including a detailed polish of all stainless steel exposures.


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