why usRestaurant Cleaning

Priority Janitorial restaurant cleaning service provider, we’ve been specializing in meeting the needs of restaurant clients, It is no secret that high quality and clean restaurant will bring in a lot of business but when employees are busy there is not much time to focus on deep cleaning. This is where Priority Janitorial restaurant cleaning services come in. Our restaurant cleaning professionals will take care of all the hard work it takes to keep the restaurant in pristine condition, allowing you to increase employee productivity giving them the time to maintain their attention on keeping your restaurant customers happy. A clean restaurant is a happy restaurant with happy customers.


  • A fully bonded and insured cleaning staff (including workers’ comp.).

  • 100% Satisfaction Assurance on our cleaning services.

  • A full Green Cleaning System for the environmentally conscious.

  • 24/7 access to our dedicated, experienced management team.

  • Receive prompt, diligent attention to all special requests.


hood cleaning 1Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Priority Janitorial restaurant hood cleaning service staff comply with all local fire codes and laws to properly achieve a clean and properly functional hood system. You can expect our hood cleaners to follow the National Fire Protection Association’s recommendations. The prevention of fire is the number one reason to get your commercial hood system cleaned. Removing build-up of grease from your exhaust system is the best way to prevent kitchen fires which cause hundreds of injuries in the United States each year.



oil-filtration-machineCooking Oil Filtration Machine Rental

Cooking Oil Filtration Machine Rental is our top secret services that saves restaurants 50% or more on their cooking oil and cuts their oil consumption in half each month while giving them consistent fried food and a safe way to clean their fryer and filter their cooking oil. We rent our cooking oil filtration machine to restaurants and they can use it as often as they like while we sit back and collect the rent each month!




top_dollarWaste Oil Collection

Priority offers Restaurant grease pickup, storage, removal, recycling & disposal and will pay competitive vegetable oil prices for practically any grease rendering from any source.
Priority Janitorial is more that just a waste vegetable oil company; when we collect and recycle restaurant oil; we ensure the used fryer grease is always processed in an environmentally sustainable way. It never goes into the ground or into municipal waste sites as it does with other waste vegetable oil suppliers. It is used in processes that make the air cleaner for you and your children — and keeps the food chain in balance.
Signing up with Priority Janitorial for grease pickup and processing of your recycled vegetable oil will be good news for your business and your community.
We offer monitored scheduling, we have never had an overflow and you will never have an overflow or disgusing mess with Priority Janitorial Environmental as happens with some other major providers of this service.
Should you have an emergency with your current provider, the Priority Janitorial Environmental Emergency Maintenance Team will Respond to any accidental food grease spill. And set you up with proper, dependable scheduled service.
We also pay for referrals resulting in business contract for vegetable oil bulk supply from sources we do not already do business with.


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