Waste Oil Collection

recycle-cooking-oilYellow Grease also called WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil) or sometimes called simply fryer oil, is a restaurant byproduct consisting of a mixture of plant and animal fats. Priority has an extensive and sophisticated restaurant used grease recycling program that reclaims FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) to be recycled into feedstock and biodiesel. Used restaurant grease is stored at your facility in a cooking grease bin provided by us at no charge. We pump your used cooking oil container as scheduled (always ontime, always dependable). We then transport the used restaurant grease to one of our nearby facilities, where the used cooking oil is then recycled.

And of course the best part:

  • eco1We deliver the containers for free

  • We pickup the Used Fryer Oil for free, and

  • We pay you a very competitive ‘waste vegetable oil price’ for the grease we collect!

  • We specialize but are not limited to restaurant grease services, Priority Provides used cooking oil pickup and will pay for vegetable oil used in food processing plants, poultry processing plants, supermarkets – almost any business that produces cooking oil waste or used fryer oil.

Priority offers Restaurant grease pickup, storage, removal, recycling & disposal and will pay competitive vegetable oil prices for practically any grease rendering from any source.
Priority Janitorial is more that just a waste vegetable oil company; when we collect and recycle restaurant oil; we ensure the used fryer grease is always processed in an environmentally sustainable way. It never goes into the ground or into municipal waste sites as it does with other waste vegetable oil suppliers. It is used in processes that make the air cleaner for you and your children — and keeps the food chain in balance.
Signing up with Priority Janitorial for grease pickup and processing of your recycled vegetable oil will be good news for your business and your community.
We offer monitored scheduling, we have never had an overflow and you will never have an overflow or disgusing mess with Priority Janitorial Environmental as happens with some other major providers of this service.
Should you have an emergency with your current provider, the Priority Janitorial Environmental Emergency Maintenance Team will Respond to any accidental food grease spill. And set you up with proper, dependable scheduled service.
We also pay for referrals resulting in business contract for vegetable oil bulk supply from sources we do not already do business with.

Call to set up an appointment to see if your food plant qualifies for a free oil recovery system 305-501-4119
Priority Janitorial Provides:

  • Used Cooking Oil Collection & Grease Disposal.

  • 24⁄7⁄365, When you need it service.

  • Guaranteed pick up schedule, no excuses.

  • Securable steel grease container that eliminates grease theft & oil overflow contamination.

  • Unlimited used cooking oil processing capacity.

  • When using Priority Janitorial cooking oil programs your company can rest assured knowing that you have put your used vegetable oil & spent cooking grease disposal into the hands of one of the most trusted and used cooking oil & grease disposal companies nationwide.

Your restaurant or processing plants spent vegetable oils will be safely stored, contained, removed, recycled, & disposed of with above industry standard compliance’s in the waste oil collection business.
Using Priority Janitorial for your businesses used vegetable oil removal needs not only improves the quality of your local environment, but also contributes to the local economy & nationally helps with the production of domestic biofuels, creating a more sustainable environment for the future by creating clean energy alternatives.

Call to set up an appointment to see if your food plant qualifies for a free oil recovery system 954-280-0808


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